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OMG! I'm in Love with a Geek!

OMG! I'm in Love with a Geek!

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    Accelerated Reader
    • AR Year: MY
    • AR Level: 4.6
    • AR Points: 9.0
    • Quiz Number: 227222
    This is the year Hattie wants to find real FULL ON love. No more McFitties, but real, long-term love. And she thinks she knows who with. His mum may still call him Goosey Woosey and he might have an unnatural interest in doing well in his GCSEs, but Goose could actually be THE ONE! But how can Hattie make him realize this, when he seems more interested in his gecko? And there's the other matter of her dad, who seems to be more interested in saving the planet than in his new-found daughter. And there's also Gran, who has a new iPad and a dangerous obsession with Twitter. What's a girl to do? Write it all down in a hilarious diary about the ups, downs and total dramas of being Hattie Moore

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