About Us

Here at The Secret Book Company, our expertly trained book ninjas work around the clock to pick out the most amazing facts and create the most innovative designs to bring you eye-catching books that are sure to turn heads.

From conception to creation, we make sure that our books have the most extreme facts, captivating covers and first-class finish.

With both hardbacks and our new range of paperbacks, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. From animals to the zombie apocalypse, our books cover a whole range of interests, from A to Z!

 What goes on at SBC HQ – a classified location somewhere in the UK – is top secret. While working on their strictly secret assignment, Operation Publication, our book ninjas have been getting to grips with everything from invisibility cloaks and tractor beams to surviving a nuclear war. From planets to pigs, our writers and designers have seen it all and are ready to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of book ninjas.

Meet Our Nifty Ninjas