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Operation Publication

Operation: Publication - Brand New Book Collections from The Secret Book Company

Memo: Top Secret!

To: Secret Book Agents

From: Agent Bookworm

Topic: Operation Publication

We are happy to report that The Secret Book Company’s top-secret new mission, codename Operation Publication, has been a success.

Our secret publishing personnel carefully selected the very BEST and FINEST agents around, and they've been working round-the-clock in our classified location at XXXX to create brand new books that no one would ever expect! 

As requested by high commend, we have gathered the HIGHEST LEVEL classified intel so our little bookworms can get to grips with their secret educational projects. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT that this intel doesn’t get out, so keep it under your hat! This message will SELF-DESTRUCT in five seconds….

Signing Off

Agent Bookworm