The Sun is out, the summer holidays are here, and we have a (prehistoric) beast of a series for you. Yes, our Top Pick this month is our brand-new series How To Take Care of Your Pet Dinosaur. Imagine you have a dinosaur egg, and in no time at all it is going to hatch. So just how do you take care of a pet dinosaur?

From naming, growing, eating and exercising, this series will teach you how to raise your baby lizard into the perfect plesiosaur or the terrific T. rex it was meant to be. The Federal Office of Super Sized Interesting Lizards (F.O.S.S.I.L for short) have provided this handy guide for any dinosaur parents-to-be. Let’s have a closer look at some of the titles in this series.

Your Pet Tyrannosaurus Rex – You’re going to have your hands full with this one. Perhaps the most notorious of all the dinosaurs, this ravenous reptile will be eating your furniture if you don’t watch out. It takes a while to floss all those teeth and don’t forget to watch out for the bite! With the help of tips and tricks from your F.O.S.S.I.L guide and bags and bags of Tricera-chops T. rex food, your tiny T. rex will soon be the terror of the town.

Your Pet Velociraptor – These feathery fur-babies will soon be as scary as the rest of the dinosaurs at the pet park. With enough raw meat and toys to destroy, your velociraptor will be growing in no time. Watch out when eating your dinner as these creatures are scaly scavengers and will get any scrap of food they can!

Your Pet Pterodactyl – It’s time to set your sights high as we take to the air. Pterodactyls can be slightly harder to keep an eye on because they can fly! You need to make sure they get a chance to stretch their wings every once in a while. From flapling to fully fledged, make sure your pterodactyl is in tip-top health at every stage of its life.

This series is available to buy now! Follow the links to find out more about each book…





Tyrannosaurus Rex


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