Talk like a pirate day!

The 19th of September is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arghhhhh ... 
So strap on your eye-patch, polish your peg-leg and get in the pirate spirit.

To get you in the mood, we have a special book review of Jim Ladd's Treasure!

The life of a Space Pirate isn’t an easy one. First you have to get used to the space-sickness, then you have to learn all of the intergalactic shanties and, finally, there’s always hundreds of quantum barnacles to clean off the hull of your ship! But despite all this, Sam and the rest of the crew on board the Jolly Apollo can think of nothing better than swashbuckling around the seven solar systems and collecting treasure! However, it seems that the despicable Black-Hole Beard is going to do everything he can to stop Sam and his crew from discovering the space-booty on Planet X. 

Talk like a pirate day!

Jim Ladd has once again teamed up with the fantastic independent children’s publishers Nosy Crow and innovative illustrator Benji Davies to create another extra-terrestrial escapade that will leave kids desperate for more. Strap on your eye-patch, polish your peg-leg and watch out for supernovas as you blast off into the universe aboard the Jolly Apollo.


Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with our favourite swashbuckling terms and phrases!

  • Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! - exhortation of discontent or disgust
  • Ahoy, me Hearties! - hello, my friends
  • Aye - yes
  • Batten down the hatches - to prepare the ship for an upcoming storm
  • Black spot - death threat
  • Blimey! - exhortation of surprise
  • Blow the man down - a command to kill somebody
  • Booty - treasure
  • Cutlass - type of sword used by pirates
  • Dance the hempen jig - to hang someone
  • Davy Jones' Locker - death
  • Duffle - a sailor's belongings
  • Freebooter - pirate
  • Heave ho – an instruction to use body strength 
  • Hornswaggle - to cheat
  • Jolly Roger - a flag with a skull and crossbones on it
  • Landlubber – someone who is not incredibly skilled at sea
  • Scallywag - mild insult 
  • Scuttle - to sink a ship
  • Seadog - an old sailor or pirate
  • Shipshape - cleaned up and under control
  • Shiver me timbers - an expression used to show shock or disbelief
  • Son of a biscuit eater - an insult
  • Thar she blows! - whale sighting
  • Walk the plank – punishment of death  
  • Yo Ho Ho! - cheerful exhortation 

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