10 Fun Things To Do With Your Old Books

Finally replacing your tatty old library books?  You may have some knackered treasures which have come to the end of their shelf life, but the fun isn’t over yet!


1. A Secret Hiding Place

Need to hide some secret treasures? Old books make the perfect storage box for stealthily hiding money, jewellery and any other small valuables… like your favourite post it notes!


2. Floating Shelves

Grab a big book and an L-bracket and you’ve got yourself a floating bookshelf! How cool is that?!


3. Christmas Book Tree

Save a tree’s life this Christmas and make your own Christmas tree out of your old books.


4. Get Crafty!

It’s may feel like a sin, but rip those pages out and use them to make all kinds of fun new things, such as ornaments and sculptures.


5. Comfy Library Stalls

Add some wheels to the bottom of a book pile and top it off with a cosy cushion. Now you’ve got an extra comfy stall!


6. Stilts!

Tie them to your feet to give your legs some extra length… you’ll have legs for days!


7. Cool Confetti

Use old book pages to make paper cones and punch out lots of little shapes to make your very own paper confetti.


8. Get Wallpapering!

Tear out all the pages to paste onto a large wall. You’ll create yourself a unique reading experience!


9. Make Black Out Poems

All you need is a black marker pen! Grab a random page and start covering sentences with your marker, only leaving words that standout for you. At the end, you will have your very own Black Out Poem!


10. Recycle them for cash!

Check out webuybooks.co.uk so see how much you can make from all your unwanted books. All you need to do is enter the ISBNs to see how much each is worth. You never know, you might be hording a small fortune.


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